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Creating graphic prop labels for Film and TV

Sat down today to create some beer and champagne labels that can be used as props in film and television royalty free, which means they can be used without having to worry about copyright fees for the artwork on the labels or paying to use a trademark.

The hardest part can be trying to find suitable name for the item that doesn't exist in real life yet still sounds realistic enough for you to believe it. The last thing you need in a scene is the audience trying to work out what it says on a label, unless it is part of the plot you want them to know what it is without thinking about it.

So once I had thought of a name, then did a product search, then thought of another and another I finally found one I was happy with. Many things come to mind while you are trying to create the name for soemthing, often it's something from the things around you. Then came the design, a beer label that needs to look like sonething a bit familiar but it's a new design that doesn't infringe on someone else's copyright. With this one I deliberatley choose a font that a product designer probably wouldn't choose, it's a great typeface but not legible enough at this size for it to stand out or to ask to be read if you like. It's a tricky balance! Did I get it right?

Most of the time I design labels with names that are given to me by the production company, a production will have it's own set of ideas or names that go with the script and colour palettes to work with. So it was fun to design something to my own set of parameters.

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