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A bit of book binding

As part of my print making degree I learnt book binding but didn't love it till I started working at Keir Lusby in their graphics department that's where I really developed a passion for it. I remember the first book I did at Keir Lusby's was an American passport, I admit it was a bit of a disaster and I had to remake it twice. It was a steep learning curve but with every book I grew more confident and I especially loved doing the historical books with lots of tooling and now I love nothing better then on a quiet day to settle down and make some books.

I was given a leather sample book and have spent about a year deciding what to do with all the beautiful coloured leather. It was not quite big enough to make a decent book but too lovely not to use somehow. This year is my and some of my friends 40th birthday so what better way to celebrate then to give them all a little notebook with the year we were born tooled in gold on the front (there is something so satisfying blocking onto leather). I haven't sat down and made 10 books in one go for some time and had forgotten how slow it can be, but once you get into a rhythm it soon gets done. It was more work then I first thought but worth it and I hope my friends appreciated it.

Any way onto my next book project.....

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