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Not just a valentine

So...Valentines day. It's a strange time of year when people without partners are made to feel bad and people in relationships are made to feel like they have to spend loads of money on gifts and cards etc. I think that valentines day should also be about friends we love and want to spend time with, about expressions of feelings rather than expensive gifts.

I like to keep it simple and create something handmade, to put a bit of effort in to say that person is worth it. I've created a template that I cut from paper with a scalpel, but it can be something as simple as a heart or bird or anything meaningful and easy to cut. Maybe find a picture online to cut out. Then it's watercolour time, place the template down on a card (you can give it a very light spray of spray mount to prevent bleed through) and cover with a wash of watercolour. Remove the template and voila your design is done, time to send happy thoughts to your special person.

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