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Make your Bar set look even better

Call me a nerd but I love scanning the set dressing of any show I'm watching, a particular favourite is bars. It's so hard as an art department, especially when you are tight on budget, to afford to cover every single graphic in a bar set. Yes all those bottles can be quite a challenge and it's so time consuming to recreate all those labels when you have a list as long as your arm already. What is any self respecting art director to do but to turn those bottles around so we can't see those copyrighted images. Time and again I see those bottles face the wall. This is part of the reason that we started our royalty free graphics shop, a place that you can go to get generic labels that look real and mean your director won't have to compromise any shots. Let the actor pick up that beer or wine bottle without fear and have a look at our labels to see if we can help you out.

Here's a set we helped create at Christmas for Al Murray, so great to see it all come together. Don't worry Flatulent Badger and Sick of Experts beer labels aren't available in our shop, but all those spirit labels are, take a look and let us what you think here.

Al Murray's Make Christmas Great again

Our Beer labels made to fit alcohol free beer bottles. Available to buy here.

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