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Golden Calligraphy

Having attended a fantastic workshop in calligraphy with 'Quill London' back in December we've been honing our skills with lots of practice! A lovely break in the day just chilling out with our nibs and inks. Getting a little carried away with the January sales, I ordered some great Aqua ink which was reduced. However, by the time I checked out I'd added a few extra non-sale items I couldn't resist. This happens a lot!  

Finetec - Pearlcolors by Coliro

I was looking for some gold ink and happened upon this set of Finetec Pearlcolors by Coliro. I'd seen a few posts that mentioned how good they were, but I didn't really know how to use them. I found a great instructional video on their website and decided to give them a go. 

You use them a bit like watercolours and need to add water to bring them to life. Then you paint them onto your nib. Now this is a little tricky especially as I couldn't get to the end of a word without re-charging - maybe I press too hard!

I have to say as soon as I put ink to page it had lovely flow, and once it dried the colour was a beautiful shiny gold. However, I'm not going to say it was easy; if you’re not careful the ink can get a bit blobby so don't be afraid to keep adding water as necessary to thin it down. Another good tip is to keep rinsing the nib in water to remove the mica particles that are in the paint to prevent them clogging up the nib. It does need constant re-charging of the nib which - when you are brushing the ink on to the nib - can make the whole thing take a long time. However, when it comes to calligraphy being forced to slow down isn’t a bad thing. 

I used a Leonardt 40 nib which works better with thicker inks and gives you nicer thick lines. I did find that the thins didn't quite work as well though, and I sometimes needed to go over them again. I need a lot more practice, I think! You need to put down some protection under the inks and water, it can get quite messy with ink splats while painting the nib and tapping off the excess. 

A calligraphy message for a loved one

I spent a few hours with them again today and this was the final piece I created for someone rather special. It’s now drying, and as it does the ink is thick enough to retain a slightly raised 3D quality.  I rounded the corners and turned it into a card for his wallet. With the help of photo corners presented on a card it looked great for Valentines day. 

If you would like your own Bespoke card made contact us or check our Etsy page from the Menu above. 

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