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Our Graphic Prop Journey

It’s now seven years since Thea and I first set up Graphic Prop Remedies, so we decided to look back on our exciting seven-year journey.

We met in 2012 when we had our children and wanted to find a way back into the industry we loved while still being there for our families. Thea had worked as a Graphic Designer for many years in Shepperton Studios and had extensive experience creating graphic props for many well-known films and TV shows while I had over 20 years’ experience working in production and prop design for a variety of high-profile BBC shows.

As methods of programme production changed and evolved with both technological advances and unwelcome budget cuts, we saw a need for freelance expertise to support smaller productions which didn’t have the benefit of specialist in-house graphic designers. And so, Prop Remedies was born!

We now specialise in small bespoke jobs and individual props, creating professional, unique graphic props for TV and theatre productions and Event Management. We work in tandem with ‘Data Reprographics’ to print our large-scale items giving us a broader range of what we can achieve.

Our other services include professional logo, business card and poster design, image editing, calligraphy and book binding. We can also produce graphic props and posters for private celebrations and occasions. Step into our gallery to see a selection of our work. GALLERY

It took an afternoon to come up with the name Graphic Prop Remedies and we often wonder if we have pitched it correctly. It’s quite difficult to create a brand identity which fully explains what you are in one title; our props remedy visual deficiencies in a set design or event environment providing an authenticity which would otherwise be lacking. We make what are called graphic props, including newspapers, magazines, signage, old ephemera, wall dressing, posters, noticeboards and packaging. Our main tools are the Adobe software suite utilising Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. However, a large amount of time is spent hand-cutting and creating the items. With that personal touch we then check and re-check our creations before they are carefully wrapped and sent to the client. We can find ourselves making just about anything; the other day we made a leather-bound Witches notebook with pages which resembled human skin!

The extensive research is an amazing and underrated aspect of the job which can send you down many internet rabbit warrens; it is always a journey of discovery and you emerge from that digital warren with a vast array of interesting and often forgotten facts from history. However, nothing beats the printed word; finding inspiration in a book gives you that reassuring reference sitting right there on your desk with no screen to squint at!

Making graphic props and designing business logos and posters utilises so many different skills – historical and contemporary research; imagination, innovation and creativity; multi-skilling; time management; negotiation and flexibility. The graphic props industry is a never-ending journey in continuing education; at present, we are working on calligraphy in its many beautiful and expressive forms!

We love what we do and everything we do is done to the very best of our ability. In this job, being a perfectionist can only be a good thing!

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